Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stoopid Teeth.

I do know how to spell stupid, but by nature of the word, I think it's perfectly acceptable to spell it incorrectly. Kinda life-imitating-art, don't you think?

My smile has become very sad. It doesn't feel as warm or genuine because it's so embarrassing having this metal in my mouth. YES, I signed up for it, but NO, I hadn't any idea what a toll it would take on me.

Today I went to see the infamous Dr. H, who loves to harass me and see me in pain (payback for charging so much for babysitting when I was younger and in his care for braces-round-1, I'm sure). I got new brackets on the back teeth, and one is posed to move quite a bit during the next 4 weeks (before I get a new wire AND rubber-bands, super fun!). It hurts like the devil. When I bite, it shoots crazy pain up my tooth and I've taken several Excedrin today to deal with the headache. :(

Wondering if it's worth it. : /

...Guess I'm committed now! I just wish I could find a friendlier smile!