Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cache Valley Gardner's Market

It's SO unfortunate that I have only been here a hand-full of times this summer. I look forward to the Gardner's Market every year with baited breath! I love this picture -you don't have a sense of the amazing environment, but the trees give you an indication. :)

Last weekend I went with my sweet Mom. Here she is with Ella and Mia.
They had LOTS of fun playing with her (typical). :)
Finally, here's Mia on the move. This picture isn't edited, she really does have naturally shiny incredibly beautiful hair. Jealous? Absolutely.
My friend Steph works there and sells the most incredible little blankets and things... Her business is Little Bright Boat, and her craftsmanship is impeccable. I saw my friend Brianna there a few weeks ago, and she had some beautiful glass pieces. I love supporting local artists and more, I love the environment and getting out of the house to browse such interesting and creative things...