Friday, March 20, 2009


I feel like I may be coming across as whiny lately, and it’s funny, because I can’t stand whininess! :)
For the record, I’m incredibly grateful for this pregnancy and the new little life that will be joining our family. Its strange how in subsequent pregnancies after Ella, I have been less attentive to the person growing inside me. There is too much going on and too much focus for those on the outside… Is that horrible to say? I think that’s why it’s easier to say heartless things –like referring to my new baby as a “fantastic 2nd calorie muncher: tape-worm-esque, if you will” or “Pregnancy. No bueno.” as I whine about some of the random effects –crazy being the biggest.
So, here’s an official apology to junior 3. I’ll try to be better! :)