Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm sure the miss-me factor has been on the full side, so I'm here to relieve the fears of my faithful blog readers! I SURVIVED the Bryant Family Reunion, and actually had a wonderful time! It was a million times better than the last one (nowhere to go but up, really), full of fun vignettes of memories and special moments...
*Mia arguing with her Daddy about ice cream "Das MY i-kee-co"!
*The fireworks that rivaled Logan's 4th production, and hearing them echo through the canyon and rumble your chair (incredible)!
*Watching Aunt Kathleen speak to me and not being able to concentrate on her words, but on how much of my DAD was in her!
*Being SO jealous of Sarah the first night that she had no one else to worry about and could visit and be fabulous!
*Hearing my mouth run away at the "sharing time" when I was supposed to talk about my family and what's happened over the last two years, and verbal vomit spewed waaay too many deets without my brain editing!!! PLAN NEXT TIME, BEX!!!

There will be lots more to tell once Mary gets her pictures up on Picassa. My lovely camera died the 1st day and I forgot the charger! GRRRRRR!!!!