Sunday, October 24, 2010


Had quite the epiphany, and I don't mind sharing it since my situation is pretty public at this point.
Lance works a LOT of hours. A LOT LOT LOT. I signed up for this whole deal of being a stay-at-home mom in order to allow him to provide and make up for the income I wasn't bringing in. The way his job works, when he works over-time, it's in the form of a "double" which means 16 straight hours. He does this all the time. For me, this means 24 hours of holding things down multiple times a week. I lost sight of the fact that I SIGNED UP FOR THIS. I knew this was my end of the deal, and while he held his, I got lost.

There are a whole bunch of ugly details, but the details are not why I'm writing this. I am publicly apologizing to him. Lance, you are my world, and for as long as you'll have me, my choice is absolutely clear: I choose us.

Lance came home with some new sunglasses (I go through them like hairspray!) for me in the middle of the ugly times and I asked him why. ...When I'm the woman he wants to come home to there is nothing he wouldn't do for me.