Friday, April 25, 2008

Ugly Frog

So I get home yesterday and dear Lance has purchased the ugliest frog for my non-princess daughter I have ever seen. It is like one of those nasty cheap stress balls with little balls inside (that tend to explode) -all gummy and poorly made with huge eyes that roll in it's head. It's awful -the balls inside are bigger, and Ella calls them eggs. Eeeeew. So I head out for Sam's club with the girls and ugly frog. I ask Ella to leave ugly frog in the car -and I got tears and a quick slam back down in the carseat in response. So in go the girls, ugly frog and myself. We head down the 1st long aisle toward the bakery (after a brief stop by the jewelry counter to oogle) and once there order Ella's birthday cake for next weekend. Does she want a princess cake? No. A bumble bee cake? No. Even a "Dora The Explorer" cake? No. Ella wants dinosaurs. *Thank you, "Land Before Time" friends. So we're walking away from the bakery and Ella hits panic mode. UGLY FROG IS MISSING. There's a small smirk crossing my face as I see the end of my struggle with ugly frog. Well, Ella isn't going to let that go very easily, she has to look for it. We retrace our steps and after me explaining how she should have left it in the car, we pass the display boat in the middle of the aisle. There sits ugly frog on the seat (what was she thinking?). So we've looped around, I've paid for my stuff, and ugly frog has taken a ride down the black belt to the checkout chick and we leave. Yes, we go get a pretzel. We're walking out, and down come the tears. UGLY FROG IS MISSING AGAIN!!! More tears, more jumping up and down, more "where's my froggy?" Oh man. I go into the previously mentioned lecture on how bad an idea it is to bring toys into stores, and we see a worker walking by us holding ugly frog. She's holding it with some disgust --suprise. I told her that was our ugly frog and she gladly gave it up. On the drive home I was talking to my sister Rachael on the cell phone who asks the froggie's name. I turned and asked Ella, who looked sadly at me and held up one of the eyes of ugly frog. Now he's 'one-eyed ugly frog', and he's still in my house!