Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milly goes to the Doctor!

On Monday I ventured out in the snow to drive my Milly-Kisses to Primary Children's Hospital. Ella (being VERY smart) didn't want to go, so she stayed with her Aunt Candace and played with Chaston (Chazzy-bear) all day. *Thanks Candace & Scotty!

We arrived a little early, but considering the wet baby pants (won't say anymore on that) the timing worked out well. Dr. Foster gave her a looksie. She checked out her hands, her tummy, her eyes, her ears, etc. I spoke with her about Mia's habits and what she eats and drinks, etc.
Dr. Foster was VERY understanding about Mia, as she sees kids like this all the time. Lance and I have (of course) been concerned about her due to her size. She (the Doctor) said that she has a group of kids in the same boat. These are just big kids. She virtually ruled out any thyroid issue because she's proportionately (relatively) tall -which is why our family Doctor hasn't been overly concerned.
We are supposed to have a lot of labs run, we didn't get them run there due to the type they need, so I'll have to have it done as soon as I can here. This is mainly to eliminate other possibilities, but, that's about it.
In the meantime, we'll be working with a dietician to tweak what she eats in order to slow some of her gain. I've been at a loss between skim milk and no juice, and lots of natural foods, but I'll take what help I can get in order to ensure this baby's health.
My sister Rachael pointed out to me, that this is payback for my dear dear mother having to put me on a no-additive/ no-preservative diet in order to diagnose my headaches when I was a kid. Heck, that involved making me home-made bread! YIKES! Inconvenient? Yes. Would she have done anything less in order to help her child? No.
So there's the skinny on our chunky-monkey. :)