Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The canyon is calling....

Yesterday Lance switched over from grave to swing shift for the week, so we had him all to ourselves for the day. We decided we needed to make it count, so we took off for the canyon -rain and all!

Despite weird and drizzly weather, everyone was in GREAT spirits! Here's Ella in 3-layers of clothes!
The LUCKIEST guy in the world: having a wife who loves the canyon as much as HE does!
Mia was dead tired, but she kept her spirits up watching the fire and chillin' with her folks.
Lance's mom Debbie came along for the trip! It was GREAT to have Grandma with us!
Fire in the rain!Who doesn't love a great hot-dog cooked on the open flame?
Here's Mia with her 3-layers of clothes! Goin' for the ole' sippy.
It's not a self-shot, folks!