Saturday, May 16, 2009

In The Pursuit Of Happiness #5

FARMER'S MARKET TODAY! One of the happiest pieces of my day -of my summer! I love going to the Cache Valley Farmer's Market. This morning we headed out for some breakfast and lingering in the great out-doors! Ella was excited to go -as was Chim-Char, her Pokemon. No, I probably didn't spell it right, but I can't say that I really care. The fact that I know his name is disturbing enough.

Lance and I quickly figured out that kids stop whining (it was a bit nippy) when you give them SUGAR! Look at this beautiful flower loli-pop!
Mia got a new flower for her hair and a very blue and sticky face.
I didn't take a picture of it, but we stopped by my friend Steph's booth "Little Bright Boat" and saw some of her FABULOUS creations! Ella got a fun home-sewn dinosaur, whom she seems to be absolutely crazy about. Thanks Steph! We'll see you a lot this summer! :)
Can you see the blue glow?
This is the "pick me up" look. It was a lovely morning -definitely full of happiness!
*If you missed it, the "pursuit of happiness" is a series of 8 (one daily) things that just make me happy that day. It's fun to recognize how good life is!