Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For those who didn't see our card, here is the picture that went out. How adorable are my girls??

* * *
Christmas Eve was spent at the in-laws first. Here is their tree!
Here are Ella and her cousin Aneesa with Grandma.
Cousin Chaston (Chazzy-Bear).
Lance and myself -funny shot!
Me and Candace (Lance's sister). I love this picture!
Afterward, we went for some more Christmas Eve festivities at my parent's house. Dad reads the Luke 2 story from the bible as we sing corresponding Christmas hymns.
Here is Ella cuddling with Lexie while singing. The book Lexie is holding is a set of the hymns printed so that we all have a copy -and Mary even transposed them all a bit lower so that we could sing them easier! It's so beautiful with everyone singing in all four parts. :)
More Ella cuddling while singing (that's baby Tessa)!
Grandmother -Dad's mom came from California for the holidays! Dave (who always looks crazy in pictures I take), Lex, and Noah!
Mia just roamed... :)

* * *
It's Christmas day!!! Here's our tree on the big morning. Yes, that is "Biscuit" that Santa brought Ella, and "Cookie Monster" for Mia-babes.
Ella loved him!
Lance got his new "Packers" jersey (it says "Pack Daddy" on the back)!
He got me this gorgeous bracelet -hard to see. I need photography lessons!
Chaedon was excited about his stash... it's mixed in with Mia's toys. :)
Mia was just happy with boxes and the excitement!
...Then she'd had enough.Odds and ends Christmas spew around the house (forgive me, I have to document the cuteness):
More. Yes, I need to get some stinkin' pictures in those frames!
After the excitement at our home, we headed to my family's house for more fun! Here's mom's tree.
Ella -mid-gift-storm.
Mia taking a break in her new rocking chair.Tessa joining her -in her wierd little chair that Rach got her!
Christmas Chaos!!
The fameous holiday rolls! Thanks Rach!!
To top off the holiday bliss, Mia took her first steps!