Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The effects of pregnancy are emerging –and not just in extreme um, grouchiness. I am sportin’ some MAJOR fatigue, and this is PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN week at our house. Lance and I have a list of different chores that we’re trying to work through during the week in terms of packing/ cleaning, etc. Yesterday I fell short as after packing a few “d├ęcor” boxes from the living room, making spaghetti & artichokes, and taking the girls to Connor’s (darling little boy who lives by my mom) birthday party, I looked at the house and couldn’t do any more. It’s not like me to leave a disaster –and when they say that your home is a reflection of your mind, it’s VERY TRUE! The disorganization that comes with boxes everywhere and the lack of the “homey” feeling that comes when I have things put together makes me crazy!
I hate moving!
Today I’m going through the girl’s toys and will be discarding everything that doesn’t have a real “home”. I feel kinda bad, but since Lance and myself are the main source of kid entertainment in our home, and most toys don’t get touched anyway, I really don’t feel that bad. ….And the fact that I have tossed many an obscure trash bag o’ toys in the past, letting go has never been difficult for me. Sorry girls. I love Charlie Brown too, but he’s not making the keeper list this go-round.