Monday, June 25, 2012


This last weekend was great -went to Phoebe's (my brother Dave's lil' girl) 3rd birthday party!  There is so much to tell about me and the 'goingzon', but for now, let's say, stress.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The days pass so quickly.  I am trying to make my time with the girls as "quality" as it can be, however, I'm hitting a bad block of time (4pm to 8pm) where Ella wants to stay busy playing with friends... Mia wants to follow her.... Sabrina is exhausted and doesn't like to take naps (but falls asleep sometimes anyway).  The goal is to keep the relationship that I have had with each of them when I was at home all day long.  I think Summer is especially hard because the kids have to find something to do (be entertained) all day long...  I'd feel awesomer if the girls were all in school while I worked...
Anywho, we made dinner, we washed hair, we made dessert, we played Super Mario Bros., we watched 2 episodes of Hannah Montana.  I'm trying...  : /

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


To explain what has happened over the last year is moot.  I have survived the worst (including a new worst day of my life), and have come out kicking and screaming as I fight for my family.

Turmoil sucks, but it's a character builder, eh?

Meantime, everyone got older...  Ella is 8 (still working on baptism deets), Mia is 4, Bri is 2, almost 3.  Lance is still at Schreiber, and I have started working at ye olde Convergys.  I put 7 years in, in a past life, so it's not too big of a deal to come back.  However, I am trying to navigate tech-support for Comcast business clients.  Tuff.

I need to blog again.  I need to keep a record for my family.  I may tell my tale eventually, but please follow me, pray for me, and help me keep my karma clear as I apologize for anyone whom I have hurt.  ....My family especially.

With love