Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Mommy Who Stole Uglier Frog!

Every kid in my home likes toys a lot, but the MOM, who picks up all the toys, does NOT.
As I sat with my Mommy feet nervously rubbing: I must find some way to keep Ugly Frogs from coming!
For tomorrow I know, Ella will wake bright and early with thoughts about toys –and then all the noise! All the noise for toys… toys made for BOYS!!!
It was quarter of dawn, both the girls still abed both the girls still asnooze, when I found Uglier Frog sitting outside.
His vulnerability struck me, and we took a short ride. Off to the trash heap the Ugly old toy, and I said “Buh-bye baybee, say land-fill, ahoy!”
Ella puzzled and thought, how could it be so? He left without warning! He left with no good-bye, he left in the night; did Uglier Frog die?
And what happened next? Well in my home they say, that Mommy’s toy-loving heart squoze out NO REMORSE that day!
And now that my burden didn’t feel quite so tight, I delighted in the knowledge that Lance should see my plight: no more Ugly toys, and we’ll all have peace, and me, Rebecca –herself, her mind will be at ease.

RIP: Ulgier Frog: 2008-2008