Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Things About Mia

1- Mia is picky about her cartoons. She loves Little Einsteins, Phineas & Ferb, and Mickey Mouse Club House. Don’t put her in front of Sesame Street -she doesn’t buy it.
2- Mia holds her own against Ella -pushes her out of the way, mostly.
3- Mia got the nick-name “monkey” quite young when she started to chunk out (put in a very loving/MOM sort of way)!
4- Mia is quite easy to put down for naps and bed (most of the time) --and when you tell her to have a good “monkey nap”, she’ll say “k”. :)
5- Mia eats with her left hand, and colors with her right.
6- Mia has quite a vocabulary, but only likes to say the first sound in the word. …She absolutely refuses to say “please”, however --or anything close.
7- Mia is extremely sensitive -she knows when I’m tired, knows when I’m upset, happy, or angry -and follows me around during the day. Everywhere.
8- Mia can snort like a pig and knows the sounds that most animals make.
9- Mia has a naked-dance that she has to perform right after bath-time -it’s priceless.
10- Mia can stack blocks several feet high. I think she’ll be an artist!

I love you, Mia-Babes.