Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

The gravesite never changes -it takes my breath away every time I walk up to it, and it feels like my heart could explode the entire time I stand there. The picture of my parents was taken at John's grave. --It's the look of peace.

I love that there are important days like these where John's memory is brought into focus.
We all had a GREAT time hanging out together and spending quality family time.
This was during an exciting 'CATCH PHRASE' game! FUN! Too bad Lexie is really bad at it. You know I'm kidding, Lexie!
Here's miss Tessa -the stone! She is shameless with her stare, and you can't suck a smile out of her if your life depended on it... unless you're her MOTHER.
Here's Benny-babes in deep contemplation.
Here are the Troublemakers -and that's with a Capital T!!! Noah and Lily are besties until something goes amiss... Then it's each man for himself!
My sister Mary and I had a lot of fun on Monday together. The party had fizzled, and folks were coming and going. Mary passed on the movie that others were going to to hang out with me! I miss her! It was a lot of fun to shop and get lunch and play "GO" -which is a game I LOVE and only have to cheat minimally... Thanks for the fun times, Mar.
:) I love my family! Excellent weekend!