Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 AM disaster

So with a centimeter of milk left in the bottom of the jug, I got Mia’s sippy last night and said a quick silent prayer that we wouldn’t need any milk in the middle of the night…
Mia has come up with a new thing where every once in a while, she’ll wake up and cry until someone (uh, ME) gets her a new bum and a new sippy. Ella shows up in my room at 4AM and says “Mia is awake and crying”! So, unconsciously, I headed to the kitchen. It’s a new day, so I grabbed a new sippy (because if you play that game where you get the old one out of the bed to rinse, baby will FREAK OUT while you’re gone after having seen you) and went to the fridge. No milk. Debate. Warm water, or juice (which “juice” in our household is Walmart-brand sugar-free beverage: in this case, RED FRUIT PUNCH). I thought that since I didn’t have warm milk to offer, I’d go with the “juice” route –small compensation for a negligent mother! I filled the sippy, half with water, the other half watered-down “juice” and went downstairs. She took the drink, I changed her bum, she was quiet. Upstairs as I slunk into the bed, I heard crying. So, back down the stairs to see a sad Mia with an empty sippy. I opted for the warm water (sad sad sad) and went to the bathroom sink, whereupon I notice that there is NO RUBBER PIECE IN THE LID OF THAT SIPPY CUP!Side Note:
For those who are not parents, the enormity of the DISASTER of this situation doesn’t make much sense. The rubber piece in the valves of the sippy are what “slow the flow” so to speak. Without these, Mia might as well have had an open-faced cup in that crib. Heading back to Mia’s crib (teeth clenched), I pull the baby upright and realize we have red “juice” head to freakin’ toe. This stuff stains like an SOB, so out comes baby, out comes all the bedding (which was JUST WASHED YESTERDAY), and to the washer/ bath-tub we go. I got a load running in the machine, and bathed my red baby. I did have some meager and unfruitful attempts of putting her back to bed/ putting her in my bed and trying to sleep –but it was all pointless. I turned on some Mickey Mouse Club House for Mia and started folding the last of the laundry from last night. I got quite a bit accomplished this morning, but have the bags under my eyes to prove a less-than-desirable drive to have touched any of it with a 10-foot pole.