Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. Sales -fix THIS fire!

So I just had quite the MISERABLE experience with a CRAP Chiropractor here in Logan. I went by a referral who told me that she went to see him about 6 times in December?! That should have been my huge Red Flag #1, but the terrible pain I’ve been experiencing in my neck was enough to motivate me to make the appointment anyway.
I arrived to sign a TON of paperwork, one of which included the “missed appointment” policy, which MAY be common, but I don’t see it much –and it looks like an excuse to bill my insurance regardless. Red Flag #2.
I went in to the patient room (hadn’t been updated since the 70’s –Red Flag #3 (not a successful practice?), and waited for the Doctor. He came in and proceeded to ask me a million questions, which was fine, but time-consuming.
He went into a few different speeches, first making me feel like a terrible mother for taking TYLENOL (heaven forbid) because my liver will only take SO MUCH. The next speech was selling his business of Chiropractics and how important he was and how the body is electrical, and the spinal cord is the most precious thing to take care of, blah blah blah. “When the fire alarm is ringing, do you throw water (making the actual motion with his hands) on the ALARM, or on the FIRE???? Let’s fix the FIRE.”
Sales. Red Flag #3
He insisted on taking x-rays (even though I’d told him that I have had my neck out 2x in my life, and one adjustment fixed everything) which was Red Flag #4, because I’m PREGNANT.
Next, he performed some kind of muscle test, and sent in his massage therapist –before which I hinted that I didn’t have all day to be doing this. The therapist took maybe 4 minutes with my neck, then left.
When the Doctor came back in, he was talking about how he’ll be adjusting me next time, after he looks at my x-rays, Red Flag # 5 (WHAT? He didn’t look at them while this stupid massage therapist was “working” on me?) and how he wants me to ice my neck repeatedly, etc. I was amazed, yet, not surprised that he wasn’t going to do a damn thing to my neck and only worry about booking his next flipping appointment.
As I left, the receptionist did her best to schedule me for two days later, but I made up the “child care” excuse and told her I’d call her. I could tell she’d been coached to NOT let folks go without booking that appointment and she tried to schedule it anyway and have me call her later if it WOULDN’T work; Red Flag #6. I said “no thanks” and left with my $20.00 ice-pack. When I got in the van I cried.
To top it off with Red Flag #7, he CALLED ME at 9:00 last night and asked how I was?! What the *^&*??? I told him “no, I’m not feeling better” and when he asked what time my appointment was and I told him I didn’t have one, I got a shocked “Well, you better call first thing in the morning to make sure we can fit you in”. Seriously? How terrible is your business that you’re calling your patients at 9:00 at night to make sure you have something to do tomorrow? What a fine end to such a miserable experience. AARGH.