Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok, pictorial catch-me-up for last weekend!

We've been UNDER the stinkin' weather in a baaaad way. Lance took the worst of it, and lost some work because of the deal. Not a huge biggie, but rough times. We seem to be on the mend with many thanks to Equate day and ny-quil-type products.
The weekend was insane with events, all of which I had extremely limited energy to "do" the way I wanted to...

#1: Happy Birthday to Lily -she's such a love, and just turned 2.
The Birthday Girl!
Here's Lily and her BFF Noah playing with balloons!
Ella's hair looked fabulous, however, it had to be re-done 3x. NOT practical.
Here's the Milly-Kisses.

#2: Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad -the big 35, VERY impressive, love you two.

#3: Happy Father's day to Lance, Donny, and of course my Pops -thanks for all you do.

Can you feel the love? I think he's trying to give me some "dap" -but I'm sure that's not the right term these days... Knuckles? "Bump-It"?

Now that the computer is trying to cooperate, we'll be speaking only words of love about it, so as to not offend the great technology gods. This could be the beginning of many more wonderful blog entries that include pictures! Hooray!