Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Had to put a blurb in about Preschool Graduation. Miss Lynn and Miss Kristie are some of the most wonderful teachers I've ever met. I'll tell you what, I've never seen anyone get a bigger kick out of Ella than Miss Lynn! Ella talks about her all the time -and has even said that she wants to be a teacher like Miss Lynn someday. :)

Ella next to Logan. This picture makes me giggle.

Ella wins the award for "Little Miss Optimist" -she was ALWAYS excited about what they were going to do for the day. I must be doing something right!

Ella with Miss Lynn!

Ella is 4!!

Ella had a fantastic birthday. We'd all gotten together on the Nolan side earlier -and I have no pictures! SORRY! The next weekend, the girls and I hung out with my mom for a little while...

We then went home and did some cooking! I'll tell you what, I brought my A-GAME on these divine little drops of heaven (butterscotch oatmeal cookies), and the banana bread wasn't too shabby either! I mentioned earlier that I can bake like a champ!
On Sunday we went to the Sortor grandparent's home.

Cute little smiles.
Another fun present!

Afterward we all chilled outside while Ella and her cousin Chaston played on her new "slip & slide"! ...Can you believe these kids are only 7 months apart?!
Happy Mia!

Ooo, she's losin' it....