Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slug Mom

YES I AM A SLUG MOM!! Yesterday was Ella's birthday -she turned 4 years old. I will do a better post when I get some decent pictures! :D Here is a picture my gorgeous mom back in the day... It's a 4-generation shot with Rachael (baby), Mom, Granny, and Great Granny.

Dave & Lex

My brother Dave and his wife Lexie are going to move. Dave just picked up a fantastic new position in SLC and is closing down shop here in Logan. These two have been through quite a battle from the beginning of their marriage. David continued school and just graduated a few days ago. Only last year, the two of them opened their own business -and worked like crazy to get it running. They welcomed baby Noah in September -and opened the business just after that. Last month they shut it down. Between school, baby, business (opening AND closing), and insane family circumstances, these two have come out of it all with such grace. I can't imagine going through what they have. I'm only grateful for their example to me of what love can overcome, and the power of faith. Congrats on the new job Dave! You'll do amazing.