Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I haven't been super up-to-date on all the blogging that I mean to do. A blog is, well, sure it's a history for my family -for myself. Yet, more than that, it's VERY indulgent. I love to write. I love to write about me, about my family, friends, things we do, and more me.

I am a slacker right now. I am a slacker mom. I am a slacker cook (bad, really). I am a slacker house-keeper -who has GOT to sort out new/old clothes to get some bigger stuff for Sabrina. I am a slacker wife who should be gettin' in much better touch with her inner sex-kitten (who?). I am a slacker bill-payer, but that's mostly because of all the debits that I don't know about.

Suggestions? I have GOT to slack off the slacker and rejuvenate the woman that I mean to be. For those who are directly affected by my 'tude, I am really quite sorry. I will get better. I should blog about my efforts.

...We'll see...