Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ho! Today I took Chaedon to my ex-Orthodontist who did my braces as a teenager. I love him to pieces. He has an amazing wife and children -whom I used to babysit! It was a total blast from the past.
Chaedon gets his braces on next week...
And I'm getting mine on soon too!!! WHAT, you might ask?! Well, I never got a permanent retainer, and my teeth have moved a lot and crowded somewhat as well. Aesthetically, it's all fixable (7 to 8 months, he says) for the cost of my plan's coverage, which means I'll never have to pay a dime for him re-fixing my teeth! WOO! I felt terrible showing him his hard work/what time has done to it, but it will be awesome to realign everything and put my smile back on track. :D

Look forward to some serious documentation. It's a thousand times more interesting as an adult. Call me metal mouth or brace-face, but look out world, my smile is improving!!