Tuesday, January 13, 2009

band geek?

So Miss Amelia decided that she needed to express a bit of frustration with a face so hilarious that I can't do anything with but laugh so hysterically that I literally fall over with tears in my eyes. I was SO excited when I captured the picture of the face, it would have been beyond indescribable. I think the teeth are what kills me the most!

Note the one dimple on the side of her cheek -I have a similiar one that you only see when I pull out the ole' french horn. I think we have a future band member on our hands, folks!!!!
Here you see the pursed lips and the alert look on her face... Oh yes, she's looking for a leader! She needs a conductor to begin the off-beats with her horn playing for perhaps the pep-band, or even better, All-State!!!! You go, girl.