Tuesday, June 12, 2012


To explain what has happened over the last year is moot.  I have survived the worst (including a new worst day of my life), and have come out kicking and screaming as I fight for my family.

Turmoil sucks, but it's a character builder, eh?

Meantime, everyone got older...  Ella is 8 (still working on baptism deets), Mia is 4, Bri is 2, almost 3.  Lance is still at Schreiber, and I have started working at ye olde Convergys.  I put 7 years in, in a past life, so it's not too big of a deal to come back.  However, I am trying to navigate tech-support for Comcast business clients.  Tuff.

I need to blog again.  I need to keep a record for my family.  I may tell my tale eventually, but please follow me, pray for me, and help me keep my karma clear as I apologize for anyone whom I have hurt.  ....My family especially.

With love