Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

WARNING: BAZILLIONS O' PIX! The "button" party wound up with minimal buttons, but lots of fun. What can I say? I have a long way to go when it comes to party planning and making it exceptional... :)

Here's the birthday girl on the new toy from Lance's parents -who were unable to make it to the party. She is CRAZY about it!
These are the delightful peanut butter cookies with Rolo candies! YUMO! (The cookie whisperer strikes again!)
Yes, this is Sabrina's cake. I made it myself, with lots of love, however, it does look kinda sad. Oh well!
Here's Bri opening gifts! This is an awesome toy guitar! *Thanks Candace!
See? Sabrina doesn't care what it looks like! Look at the anticipation of attacking that pink stack o' love!
Happy baby!
Sistas! Here's Auntie Sarah and Auntie Rachael!
After the par-tay, we headed to my Mom's house to hang for the afternoon. Above is Mia with her favorite snack -a "na-na".
We chilled on the porch for a few hours... Rachael's husband Seuao and Lance went golfing so we played with kiddos. Here's Rachael with Dave and Lexie's little man Noah.
Token self-shot!
The boys came back and Lance commenced yard-wrestling. EVERY kid's favorite activity!
Lance and Mia-babes.
Here's Sabrina playing with my necklace (aaah, motherhood). The new outfit is from Sarah! CUTE for fall!
My hunny.
Here's my beautiful 1-year-old birthday girl sporting an outfit from Mary (THANKS!), and a darling headband from Lexie (THANKS!)!

I absolutely adore this little baby, and can't believe how fast she's growing up. I am too blessed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Dave's, To Dave's!!!

Last Sunday we headed to Layton for a fun surprise Birthday celebration for my awesome brother David!!! Here's my token self-shot in the car!Sleeping baby!

Sleeping Ella and Mia!!
The party was Lex's invention -it really did surprise Dave when the whole family showed up on his door step on a Sunday night! Here's Lexie with Phoebes... Phoebe is getting RED hair, and we're all lovin' it!
Cute Sarah with a very tired and attached Sabrina who isn't thrilled -and Mia who is trying to help!
Gorgeous Rachael! Kiddo free in this pic! Go figure!
Ella chipped in on keeping Sabrina entertained!
We all ate and visited. It was awesome. Left to right: Ella, Lily, Noah, Benny (behind the flowers), Mia, and Lexie's back.
Lancey-cakes and Benny-babes. *So cute!
Lovely shot of Sarah and Mom... BTW, thanks for lettin' me steal some pix, Mary!!
Some of the crowd :) Left to right: Dad, Mia, Sabrina, Lexie, Benny, Seuao, Granny, Rach, and Me with my arm up to my face.
My BRI-BRI!!! *Pic taken the actual day before her birthday! Exactly one year from this picture I was screaming. Good times!
Totally worth it.
I love you Dave -thanks for having us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Saturday night was my FIRST demolition derby! It was SO FUN!
I hadn't realized until Lance pointed out "You know, it is a red-neck party..." why everyone there was just SO interesting! From clothes to hair-styles, from boots & spurs to rocker-moms, there was entertainment 360.
Above is a happy Mia! She did okay through the night, but we left before the final heat -she'd had enough.
Ella in line!
We took our nephew Chaston along for the fun. Here he is with Ella.
Token self-shot (noooo bueno).
Yeah, I'd never seen anything like it... I've been totally missing out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Grade!

The 18th was Ella's 1st day of 1st Grade! She's growing up SO fast!

She chose the outfit herself! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Dear Sabrina-

Exactly one year ago today you entered my life and I haven't been the same since. You are a precious angel who loves to laugh, to dance, and smile above all. Sabrina, I want the world for you, and it's all at your feet. Thank you for being the most incredible little baby. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, princess.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who's got the button?

...And so it begins! Here are the invites and the sucker-ties for Sabrina's party. Lots of work left to do! It's been an eventful weekend, but I don't have my pictures on the computer yet, so here's a par-tay sneak-peek!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Baby!

Yeaaaaah, couldn't stop taking pix of Sabrina the other day... Seriously, could she be ANY cuter?!