Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stoopid Teeth.

I do know how to spell stupid, but by nature of the word, I think it's perfectly acceptable to spell it incorrectly. Kinda life-imitating-art, don't you think?

My smile has become very sad. It doesn't feel as warm or genuine because it's so embarrassing having this metal in my mouth. YES, I signed up for it, but NO, I hadn't any idea what a toll it would take on me.

Today I went to see the infamous Dr. H, who loves to harass me and see me in pain (payback for charging so much for babysitting when I was younger and in his care for braces-round-1, I'm sure). I got new brackets on the back teeth, and one is posed to move quite a bit during the next 4 weeks (before I get a new wire AND rubber-bands, super fun!). It hurts like the devil. When I bite, it shoots crazy pain up my tooth and I've taken several Excedrin today to deal with the headache. :(

Wondering if it's worth it. : /

...Guess I'm committed now! I just wish I could find a friendlier smile!


Lexy said...

I still think you are very pretty. Don't be embarrassed! Lots of people get braces when they are older! Nothing can take your pretty face away.:)

Joni said...

I've never had braces, but I do know that I lost over 10 lbs while going through a horrendous root canal ordeal... I figured that made it worth it! You're beautiful braces or none so just cheese it up mmmmkay?

something very bright said...

Your smile is beautiful with or without teeth! But gah, I don't envy you the pain of getting braces adjusted.

Mary said...

I'm sorry. I really don't envy you.

Anonymous said...

That sounds painful. The price we pay to be beautiful... It'll be worth is. Sorry it's the pits right now.

Unknown said...

What's funny is that I was the opposite. I wouldn't smile with my mouth open UNTIL I got braces... then you BET my mouth was open in pictures. :)