Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh man. I have a siiiiiick little baby. She's teething, so that explained the fever, but it got pretty bad as I gave her a cool bath at 4 AM... Today I noticed the blisters on her hands and around her mouth. This little baby has hand foot and mouth disease, and is not impressed with any attempts to put her down. Life has been rough on Ella and Mia, as I have been a bit negligent on their care ("FINE, Ella, go get yourself a popsicle, but you have to get one for Mia too.... and help her with it!"). Yeah. My blessed sister-in-law pitched in and took a very bored Ella off my hands this afternoon and is keeping her for the night. YAY! 1 down! My mom helped me out yesterday with a stop at Sam's Club to grab essentials (milk, bread, children's motrin). Yesterday I never even made it to the shower. Motherhood is rough some days. I find myself saying many silent prayers -I can't stand to see her in pain. I hope this passes soon.