Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, if anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, we have a little baby at home with tonsillitis. This diagnosis comes only AFTER taking to instacare on Monday morning –only to pay $50.00 for a quick strep culture, and a general cold diagnosis (ignoring her 104˚ temperature). …This is completely asinine, and believe me, there is an ugly complaint sitting on the manager’s voicemail right now.
* "The worse the mom looks, the sicker the kid" -Trista

So we hit our Dr. office the next day after Mia's fever wasn't going to go anywhere (mind you, we've been doing baths throughout the night trying to keep her temperature in check). The doctor asked me if instacare even looked at her throat... So, we have our tonsillitis diagnosis, we have our Augmenton drugs and hopefully we'll have a healthier baby sooner rather than later.