Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Ole' Family Easter!

Easter is the new chaotic holiday with the fam-dam-bly! Saturday was CRAZY busy!Here is Auntie Sarah with the girls -VERY cute shot!

Here is baby Tessa (yes, that bib says "I'm ALL that!") saying "woah woah woah, bring that sugar back!"
Cousins Lily and Benny-babes checkin' out their stash!
Here's cousin Noah, runnin' for the good stuff!

Here's a few of Mia with a mouth full of candy!

Pretty eye-shot!

Rachael and I put together a super-fun scavenger hunt for Ella!

Nanny had a clue!

The end prize was a fun book about a horse -it even had a horse-shoe necklace that came with the book! Ella and I read it later and she loved the moral: JUST BE YOURSELF!

Oh, and it's not personalized for Ella if there aren't FROGS involved. *Thanks, Rach!
Later, we headed to the In-Laws for more festivities!
Oh yes, that's Lance participating. It's not Easter without your traditional green and yellow GREEN BAY PACKERS egg!

Mia took more of a kick-back approach.Although you can see curiosity did get the better of her... (I love how you can barely find her head amidst all the stuff!)
Here's Ella and her buddy Chaston!
She had a blast! Baskets on Easter morning!
Messy Easter morning hair! I LOVE it!
Here's Chaedon in his new duds.
Yes, the girls got some DARLING new Easter dresses, but I wasn't able to get a picture of them. It's a story for a different time. No worries! I'll get them blogged. Happy Easter, one and all!