Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Mia

Mia is my little buddy who follows me around the house and goes shopping with me all the time. She goes everywhere with me all the time. Mia is hilarious, and makes me laugh on a constant basis. I a hear little " 'Cuse me" from her here and there, and I bust up. I hear "Mommy, peese help me" -but it's all muffled together- like 50 times a day. She loves her puzzles and her stickers... She's girly -loves nail polish, pink, jewlery, and refuses to take her dress off after church. Mia is a huge Mickey Mouse fan, and is very VERY intrigued by my make-up, as she watches me put it on everyday.

(I try to ignore the fact that she's watching carefully waiting for my attention to fall on something else in order to ninja herself in and steal something to start applying beauty products to her own lovely little face!!!)

Love that girl.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I drove Ella around Logan and we talked about college and how she wants to be a veterinarian and work with race horses. She is becoming so amazingly smart and seems to take in everything around her... She asks questions, but she figures out so much on her own. I know this girl has an amazing future, and I am so excited to see what she will become.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So many

So many ridiculous cartoons that I can't stand.
So many meals I FLOP.
So many creative ways I can now hide from dirty diapers.
SOOOOOO many tears, and fits, and questions!
So many cuddles and kisses.
So many "I love you's".
So many blessings.

So many blessings.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Football, baybee!!!

Steelers = Candace's team
Greenbay = Lance's team

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blood -eew

While shaving today, in lieu of dropping the soap, I managed to cut a huge chunk out of my left ring finger. It bled everywhere! Aaaah, beauty=pain!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been neglecting this blog, and it's time to get back in the saddle! Ever notice when one thing goes, EVERYTHING goes too? So today I picked up all the trash out of the van, I took down all the Christmas stuff (not entirely my fault--the bins for storing it all were in the storage shed until this week), scrubbed all 3 bathrooms, cooked pumpkin pancakes for Ella, and even did my nails.

Feelin' good!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Stuff

All the more introspection as time rolls on... I'm coming up on my last session of therapy this Thursday. I have found many valuable tools in the way I think. Translating everything that I have learned is something different... It's the same as knowing any certain truth and not demonstrating what you know. It grates on you, but you can be okay with it too. I have learned that 1- I am a valuable person. 2- I have pieces of me that I have neither listened to, nor given heed to which are desperate to speak out loud. It may be this way my whole life -yet, when I know I'm not heading in a direction that I want to go, listening will prove the most important thing I can possibly do. 3- Caring for me is not a present contribution. I am past/present/future Rebecca, and there is so much to address to each of them.

I am not going to dive much further into this, but I do want to say that it's been so good for me to have an outside perspective on ME and the way/ things I think. How can that not be helpful?
Good stuff.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


7 years, baby. This one is for you....


Wednesday, January 5, 2011



This has been such an incredibly busy season! The blog has been neglected. :( Here are some highlights!
Above is the delectable and coveted caramel corn that Rachael and I put together. Mmmmm.
She also made yumo cranberry salsa. I highly recommend this.
During the season Lance brought me some gorgeous Christmas roses. How blessed am I???
Here's Ella.
...And Mia...
Bri-bri too!
I had a crazy idea to throw a Santa-cookie decorating party for lil' ones. Above is Candace -my sister-in-law.
Here's my cute Melanie!
NOTE: there are lots of pix of this, but I uploaded everything for this entry, and don't want to mess with sticking them in the right spot!! (Someone tutor me on this so I can do things easier, eh???)
So you just get to see my friends and not kiddos with yummy sugar cookies! Sorry!
Christmas Eve was first spent at the Sortor's home. Here's Lance and Donny.
Chaedon and Donny.
I LOVE this picture! It's Mia and Grandma.
Here's a very excited Ella holding Sabrina!
Token self-shot. BAD lighting, fuzzy picture. Oh well!
Mia got a robot! She loves this toy!!
Santa Claus (Donny) came to see everyone that evening!
Sabrina got some fun toys.
Here's cute Chaedon with Santa! Love it!
Ella got some Leapster books with the pen to help her read.
On to the Nolan's home! Above is part of Mom's tree... It's the inspiration for my own. I have always loved her victorian tree. Sorry kids! Someday we'll have a 2nd tree with ugly ornaments, but this one is MINE.
Dad read the Christmas story from The Bible and we sung carols.
Mom and my sister Sarah.
Lexie, Dave (my brother), and Grandmother (Dad's mom who was flown out for the holiday).
Kids and craziness... That's Mia, Tessa, Rachael, and Lily-bug.
Finally home. Here's our tree before we went to bed.
My tree.
Christmas morning mayhem.
Back to my parent's home for more gifts!
Fabulous Sarah.
Here's my VERY tired Sabrina, who was taken home early for a nap.
My Granny-loo.
We wound up at the Sortor's home after this session for a wonderful Christmas dinner -THANK YOU DONNY AND DEBBIE!
It was such a busy and beautiful day. I had it rougher, however, with a fever and a UTI at the end of the day. :( We made it through a very long and boring (if you ask Ella) Christmas break, and now after a quick round of a stomach/puke bug for all 3 little girls, our lives are starting to fall back into the grove of normalcy.
If you made it through this post, I'm VERY impressed! Sorry about the drought. I will get better.
Hey, who wants to take a pottery class with me?