Monday, May 9, 2011


Looking around, every space is different in one way or another. I am now in a beautiful little home --with just my little girls.

I have experienced a very long moment of time between "then" and "now" where time flashed in a hurry... There were a million meetings, there were a million interviews and papers to fill out... I am kind-of lucky that mundane paperwork is something I happen to thoroughly enjoy. :)

Ella is fantastic --she turns 7 years old on the 13th! She has been excelling at school in reading. She just finished indoor soccer where she was the only girl --and the tallest chick on the team!

Mia is almost done with preschool, and sings "Jesus Wants Me For A 'Sun-beep'" multiple times an hour.

Sabrina will now copy any word you ask her to say, and is down to one (or less) nap a day...

I am looking into options available to me at this moment, but am still sad. I am continuing therapy and am learning at a heart-breaking pace what friendships I have that can survive.