Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whacha been up to?

Here's some cool random stuff!
This is Mom and Mia -we went to a fun little church dance and the kids got some wiggles out. ...It's a good thing.

Here's Dad and Sabrina!
We made banana bread. ...Did I mention that I'm listing lots of pertinent stuff? :) Funny, the girls look rough here, but I didn't really notice while we cooked!
Mia got her nails painted! *This little girl looks like she was meant to have red nails her whole life.
That's the look of beautification satisfaction.
Grandma and Papa took us to lunch!
I love this picture of Donny. He looks so handsome! :)
Sabrina ate her blanket.
Sabrina has developed a love for the saucer. *Mom's best friend.
Had to throw in this darling profile pic of Mia. She seriously has the most beautiful hair -even when it's messy!
Mom took Ella and Sabrina to church so I got a pic of my baby all dressed up! Look at that smile!
In contrast, Ella got my camera and took this picture of the baby -this is a look only a sister can give another sister. Heh heh.