Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scotty and Candace's Wedding

On the 13th, Scott and Candace tied the knot... again. Not only are they family, but they're very dear friends to us as well.
For the wedding, I did Candace's hair. This is one of my hair masterpieces! Yes folks, the talent IS astounding, please stand back in awe as you look at how simply FABULOUS it looked!

...Just happy to contribute some of my talent to this very joyous occasion. :)
Here's Lance and me. The park was gorgeous -Von's Park in Providence. It was so lush and green. The river is VERY high and close by and is a danger for kids -it causes a bit of an acoustic issue as well, but overall, just a beautiful location.
Here's Lance and his two Grandma's! To the left is Donny's mom, and to the right is Debbie's.
Here's the happy couple! How sweet is this picture?!
...And here is the couple I know and love. Scotty, we're related again. Eeeeew.
The FAM!

Congrats you two! We love ya!