Thursday, January 29, 2009

Par-Tay in SLC

On Monday we took the excursion in Granny's van (Thanks Granny, it was SO nice not to have to drive!) to SLC for Mary's 30th bash!

Here's a VERY unattractive picture of Ella in the back seat, but I didn't want to forget her!
Here's a disgruntled Mia, not too sure about this ride that doesn't include her own comfy car-seat! Oh man, this baby was SO tired with some serious sleep deprivation for the day!
Happy Birthday! Sheesh Mar- 30-candles is next to day-light!!!! :D
Left to right: Granny, Lily, Mach, Tessa-Rooney, Noah (bee-boppin' by), and Sawa!
OOOOO, that's one grumpy Mia-babes! You can see she doesn't feel good either. :(
I was gonna take a picture of Wow, but all I got were Wow-Cheeks.
Speaking of cheeks, Mach has some full ones (from a seriously delightful dinner), but you'll never see them puff out -that's the ole' French-Horn pucker hard at work!
Super-fab pregnant Lexie -just found out on Wednesday that she and Dave are having a GIRL!!! Congratulations guys!
Dave doesn't look too especially thrilled here, but he may have been listening to something interesting... We're all pretty interesting, I have to say.
Here's me and the Tess-Meister! This baby is SUCH a sweetheart, and has such a calm and loving disposition. She loves to be held -and she is so bobbly, it's absolutely adorable! Rachael and Seuao, you two are ROCKSTARS for hosting the whole fam-dam-bly at your home! Thanks so much, we had an excellent time!