Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEEE!

How TIME FLIES! I'm old -but the birthday was goooood. Here's me -32 years old.

During the day, Mom and I went shopping and spent a little time together. Later, Lance told me that we'd stay in for the evening and cooked me a romantic and wonderful dinner for my birthday. We had king-crab legs, steak with mushrooms, shrimp, and baked potatoes... It was awesome! He was such a sweetheart and made sure that my birthday was full of happiness. :O)
Here's my HOTT CHEF.
...Some of dinner.
Ok, here's the two of us before we headed to Lance's family's house to pick up the girls... Once we got there the entire family (including Scott and Candace/ kiddos as well as Chaedon) were gathered for a surprise party just for me! WOW! Who gets that??? It was the sweetest thing ever! They gave me some beautiful gifts, and Donny even made me his famous orange cheesecake for dessert. WOW. *Lance took a picture with his cell for me! The next morning the girlz and I took off for a fun weekend in SLC. Here's our "on the way" photo! Yeah, Mia has a thing for toothbrushes, and Ella was more interested in her "homework" than posing for a picture! You'd only see Sabrina's car seat, so it wasn't worth it to try to get her in the shot... :)
Generally speaking, this weekend (my birthday weekend) is the pique of the fall colors in Logan Canyon. I think our early mountain snow storm drabbed out the colors a bit... I tried to catch a glimpse of the beauty, however.
While in SLC we had an awesome little chick -Andie- come and do "glitter toes" for all of us! Here's the order, starting with me on the bottom in the darkest red: me, Mom, Rach, Lex, Mary, Sarah. We had SOOO much fun just hanging out and enjoying each other's company... It's what the ultimate birthday weekend was to me --time with those I love.
...Got my traditional carrot cake!!!
Here's me and my sisters -the picture says it all. We're the best of friends. I can't imagine my life without them -and truly, they made my birthday absolutely wonderful. Left to right: Rach, me, Sarah, Mary.

Getting older isn't a big deal. I think it's just weird to know that there are SO many more people who are younger than me...


It's been an amazing 32 years. I couldn't ask for more.