Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's that time again. Holy cats! I have resolutions galore, but I don't have them written down... Is that a bad sign? I love the anticipation of something new, of landmarks, of what will come with a new start in 2009. Sarah snapped this shot of me, and I think it's appropriate for my entry! I am stepping in to 2009 with "eyes wide open" in terms of being real with myself on a spiritual, on a physical, and a psychological level. I want to be able to progress in each area and really become a stronger woman as a whole. Here's to the new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For those who didn't see our card, here is the picture that went out. How adorable are my girls??

* * *
Christmas Eve was spent at the in-laws first. Here is their tree!
Here are Ella and her cousin Aneesa with Grandma.
Cousin Chaston (Chazzy-Bear).
Lance and myself -funny shot!
Me and Candace (Lance's sister). I love this picture!
Afterward, we went for some more Christmas Eve festivities at my parent's house. Dad reads the Luke 2 story from the bible as we sing corresponding Christmas hymns.
Here is Ella cuddling with Lexie while singing. The book Lexie is holding is a set of the hymns printed so that we all have a copy -and Mary even transposed them all a bit lower so that we could sing them easier! It's so beautiful with everyone singing in all four parts. :)
More Ella cuddling while singing (that's baby Tessa)!
Grandmother -Dad's mom came from California for the holidays! Dave (who always looks crazy in pictures I take), Lex, and Noah!
Mia just roamed... :)

* * *
It's Christmas day!!! Here's our tree on the big morning. Yes, that is "Biscuit" that Santa brought Ella, and "Cookie Monster" for Mia-babes.
Ella loved him!
Lance got his new "Packers" jersey (it says "Pack Daddy" on the back)!
He got me this gorgeous bracelet -hard to see. I need photography lessons!
Chaedon was excited about his stash... it's mixed in with Mia's toys. :)
Mia was just happy with boxes and the excitement!
...Then she'd had enough.Odds and ends Christmas spew around the house (forgive me, I have to document the cuteness):
More. Yes, I need to get some stinkin' pictures in those frames!
After the excitement at our home, we headed to my family's house for more fun! Here's mom's tree.
Ella -mid-gift-storm.
Mia taking a break in her new rocking chair.Tessa joining her -in her wierd little chair that Rach got her!
Christmas Chaos!!
The fameous holiday rolls! Thanks Rach!!
To top off the holiday bliss, Mia took her first steps!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Eve-y-Eve!

Lance’s family has created a bit of a holiday of the day before Christmas Eve, which is lovingly titled “Eve-y-Eve”! Who doesn’t need another reason to wish each other good will? Merry Eve-y-Eve, one and all!
Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. I love the hustle and bustle of the season. I love the lights, the music, the events, the anticipation, and especially holding Santa’s gifts over my daughter’s head to extort some form of good behavior… Does it work? Not really.
If I don’t get a chance to blog until after the holiday, to all my dear friends and family, Merry Christmas! God Bless!

Monday, December 22, 2008

NFCP, baybee!

Welcome to the annual NFCP -our family Christmas party! It's an excellent event, filled with surprises and good times. The entry will be mostly pictures, since there are such fun ones to share! Here's me!
Grandmother (Dad's mom) is here from California visiting for Christmas! It was great to share the evening with her!

Ella was pretty proud of her cute graham-cracker house...
Ella's up close.This one is mine. I went for the "anti-frill" since I was told that all of mine seem to come out "frilly" -thank you Sarah! So here's a quiet little manger scene.
Lance coulnd't resist, he needed to create Lambeau Field -GO PACKERS!
Here's a few highlights... This is Mary's castle.
Here's Rachael's Poinsettia!
Lexie won "best in show" with her "Betty Boop" cabin. Lovely!
Folks had a great time!
...As is evident by Ella's hair by the end of the evening!
Lexie brought her beautiful sisters Kimmy and Desi to help watch kiddos -thanks ladies!
I loved this shot of Granny!
Here's Seuao with baby Tessa -she doesn't look too thrilled! :)
Mia had a fun time with a pop bottle!The best part of the evening was the announcement of the new Nolan baby soon-to-come! Congratulations David, Lexie, and big-brother Noah! We're SO excited for you!