Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2004

Lance, the day I met you I knew you were the HOTTEST thing I'd ever seen! You know the story... I figured you were waaaaay out of my league, but I decided I'd go for it anyway! ...So with all my ridiculous intensity and ego I hit on you. :)

You had no idea what you were in for...

Babe, I sincerely believe that as our story is no fairytale, it still counts. Every couple has their story. Six years of my life have been yours to share, and never have I stopped loving you. If it all ended today I can honestly say that you are the love of my life. Thank you for our children. Thank you for our life together. Thank you for loving me and growing with me. We're not up the mountain yet, but I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone else. We are meant for each other.

I love you, and happy anniversary.