Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's that season again!!! It's the biennial (every two years) Bryant Family Reunion, and this time, it's in none-other than Bryce Canyon, baybee! ---For those who know it as well as I do (having grown up in Panguitch for 8 years), it's Bruce Canyon. It's a familiar term of endearment (Nolanism), reserved for those who love it most. :D

Anywho, my days have been filled with insane list-making, with shop-shop-shopping (all 3 girls attached, WHEW), and trying to appease/ sooth a husband who would rather see the event magically put its self together, and for that matter, magically be finished ("except for when I go golfing")! Men! Tomorrow is my last prep day, and Thursday is take-off.

...Can't possibly be any worse than the last reunion, so there's nothing but sunshine and roses in my book! Wish me luck, and feel free to add any camping suggestions!