Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Mia

Mia is my little buddy who follows me around the house and goes shopping with me all the time. She goes everywhere with me all the time. Mia is hilarious, and makes me laugh on a constant basis. I a hear little " 'Cuse me" from her here and there, and I bust up. I hear "Mommy, peese help me" -but it's all muffled together- like 50 times a day. She loves her puzzles and her stickers... She's girly -loves nail polish, pink, jewlery, and refuses to take her dress off after church. Mia is a huge Mickey Mouse fan, and is very VERY intrigued by my make-up, as she watches me put it on everyday.

(I try to ignore the fact that she's watching carefully waiting for my attention to fall on something else in order to ninja herself in and steal something to start applying beauty products to her own lovely little face!!!)

Love that girl.