Friday, November 7, 2008

A house?

Crazy times. We have some friends from Mom's ward who are a few blocks away who are selling their house. They have had realtors after them like CRAZY trying to sell it for them, but they have stuck it out knowing someone could get a better deal buying directly from them... They had prayed about the situation, and decided that if they don't get what they need by Monday at noon, they'll had it over to the realtor. Now Mom and I were talking about how perfect this opportunity is for Lance and I to move -since my stuff is already packed and they just raised the rent at his home. We called them to see their asking price -not 15 minutes after they prayed about it!

We don't know about the financing situation -and possibly we'll have a deal to rent it from them until we can go through the approval process. They're out December 1st, and we'd be able to move right in.

What a blessing -keep us in your thoughts, eh? I'll post a picture of the home later if it's looking like a reality... :)