Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Wall

Over the last few days, I have had a redirected focus. I guess you could say that I was heading down a chaotic path of uncertainty -holding together what I could, but planning on a future of being a single mother. This has changed. The path is still unknown, however, it's completely different. It's reserved, terrified, yet, undeniably the road I need to travel. I love Lance. He's my heart and soul. He's absolutely irreplaceable -as the father of my children, as the love of my life. He's been seeing the same, through the hurt that he's experienced as well. There is no guarantee that this road won't end in further heartache. There is only the double-edged sword of sweet/cruel hope that we can put these broken pieces back together and make our family whole.

Lance, I know you have a long way to go. I know you're taking steps to fix some of what has gone wrong. I know you have had a change of heart and recognize the irreplaceable value of having me to love. Words are one thing, actions, quite another. So far, you are beginning to break down this wall.

Happy Halloween!

I took the girls Trick-Or-Treating at work. It was good times. Mia was SO tired, this is the only shot I got of her! :( She was a lady-bug. I love the foot propped on the tray! Ella was a pirate. We didn't bother putting facial hair on her -she'd had that earlier for her pre-school party. She was a pretty pirate! AARGH!
*That's my senior team lead in the back -Trent. Funny guy! Here's my boss Jessica -she was a cow-girl. Can you imagine sitting next to this woman everyday? Not good for your self-esteem! ...She's one of the prettiest girls I know. To my other side was Uncle Fester (my quiet buddy Shane who giggles at us girls without adding much opinion)!!! I LOVE The Addams Family -in fact, here's a little known fact: Addams Family Values is one of my favorite flicks! I should have been Debbie Jellinsky from the agency! "Don't I deserve love.....and jewelry????"

I went out with my girls for the evening! Above is my dear friend Jami-Loo, beggint me not to snap the shot!m She has the best hair ever.
Here's my ever-fabulous BFF Erin. She was a school-girl with a hint o' naughtiness.
I was a wench. Ha! Happy Halloween folks!