Tuesday, August 10, 2010

birthday planning...

You would think that if I have time to take my own stinkin' picture I'd have time to pull a birthday party together??!! Not so much. Sabrina will turn one on the 23rd, and I am SO far behind on pulling something spectacular off... Thanks for setting the bar, Rachael! GRUFF! NO, I'm not out to put on an amazing event that could potentially rival what my sisters/ brother have pulled off for their kids, however, I don't want to jip the kid either. Mia had the worst 1st birthday EVER, since it fell on Thanksgiving weekend/ moving weekend/ announce new bayby slash miscarry new baby weekend. She got a mini-cake and two or three people hung out to watch. BAAAH! I love you, Mia, and I'm so sorry you're so stuck in the middle. This probably isn't the first time you'll be ripped off either. OK! I need to make a concentrated effort for everyone. I must learn from my mistakes, eh?

Buttons. That's my theme. Someone, anyone, throw out some ideas that two/ three-year-olds can participate with. It'll probably be a pancake breakfast party (make the pancakes look like buttons -suggestions???) on the 28th, so I need INPUT.

I realize that this blog is very random, but that's how my brain works sometimes. I am brainstorming, but the storm is fizzling fast. Yeesh!