Friday, May 9, 2008

Mean Girls

Last night Ella heard the neighbor kids outside bouncing a ball around. She darted out and went over to talk to them. I stepped outside and listened for a minute. I peered around and saw the little girl she was talking to -who was about 5 inches shorter, but obvioulsy older -maybe four or five. She said "we don't want to play with you, why did you even come over here?". I was taken aback. It takes EVERYTHING a mom has to not let that mamma-bear out and let that little girl have a piece of your mind. I did keep in mind however, that it wasn't my backyard, and simply called Ella back to come inside. She didn't really understand what happened, and still wanted to go play. I don't want her to understand. Ella has such a big heart. She loves all kids, and accepts people as they are. She'll throw her tantrums, but I've never heard something so mean come out of her mouth. I've been stewing about this -and Lance doesn't want her to play with those girls at all now. After a while, I took Ella's little face in my hands, and told her how lucky the kids are who will be her friends someday.

Quote of the day

Lance called me up and told me his sad tale: as he brushed Ella's hair and got her ready for school, Ella thoughtfully observed: "Daddy, your hair is shaped like an M!" ...Out of the mouths of babes...