Thursday, September 10, 2009


I don't want to neglect this blog. I owe it to my girls to chronicle their lives -and our life as a family. Sometimes, like tonight, I am barely keeping my eyes open --yet it's actually extremely important to put something down for the record on how we all are:

Ella - loving school. She seems unable to give me any kind of detail regarding her activities for the day, but that doesn't matter to her. She loves her time at school -and to be perfectly honest, I lover her time away at school too.

Mia- VERY miffed that I brought a baby home who takes some of the attention she's used to getting. She is very gentile with the baby, and for the most part, leaves her alone. It's me who takes the brunt of her frustration during this difficult time. She makes it very clear that I'm no longer the trusted resource I used to be. :( It's hard.

Brina is doing well -no longer nursing, but sucking up the formula like there's not gonna be any more coming any time soon... She's starting to spend more time with her eyes open -taking in her surroundings, as well as the faces of those who love her so dearly.

Personally, I'm so tired I could drop right here and now. "Sleeping when the baby sleeps" is a load of bull, and for any mom worth her salt, she knows this is the only opportunity to get something done!! Anywho, more to come when I sit down more coherently to write.