Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday in SLC

The girls and I trekked to SLC this weekend to hang out with the sistas in honor of Rachael's birthday and for some much needed chick-bonding! Above is the gorgeous birthday girl! Since kiddos were (as always) part of the package, we headed to the splash-pad at Valley Fair Mall... I don't know if many people know about it, it's kind-of hidden in the middle of the shopping center, but it's quite a little treasure! The kids had a BLAST!! Above is Mia -my water-baby. :)

Here's cute Lily-bug. You can see how much she looks like her Mama!
Allen brought Benji along, and he had a blast with the fun water!
Here's my cute Ella!
For the day, we packed Rach and her girls in the van with us. Here, Lily was dancing to some Lady Gaga, and Mia was beside herself with giggles! Token self-shot! *Maaaan, I was lookin' rough by the end of the day. My skin has been thinking I'm a freakin' teenager again lately... Good times.
I loved this picture of Mia- she's so beautiful.
We ate at Sarah's house- Mary joined us too. It was such a lovely get-together. I can't begin to express what my sisters mean to me and how much I just adore them. *Ella had a bloody nose- thus the kleenex in the pic! Sorry I didn't get any pictures of you, Mary, but I love ya just as much! Excellent day.