Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party Part 2

The Halloween party was so much fun -and there were SO many super cute photos, I had to post more! Here's my adorable Mia!

Here's Ella! *Thanks to Lexie for the face painting -SO fun!
Yes, some of the pix are stolen from my sisters (who edited them and made them all kinds o' cute) -thanks, girls!
Me and beebee.
Here's Mia against Nanny -while decorating yummy sugar cookies!
Sabrina and Nanny.
Here's all the kiddos before Benji made a mad dash and got away. Left to right: Tessa, Lily, Phoebe, Benny (back), Noah, Ella, Sabrina, Mia.
Ella has the sweetest smile EVER.
The kids went for a walk collecting fall leaves, etc. Here's Ella and Nanny.
Here's Phoebe and Sabrina -the two are only a few months apart. I'm sure they'll be good friends!
I'm doing much better. I was released from the hospital on Wednesday and have been recovering quite well. *Thanks again to all of you for your love, your support, and your help. :)