Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Is Coming

Rach and I have been planning a SUPER exciting Easter-Egg Extravaganza (notice a trend of my family’s “extravaganzas” –we love ‘em!) for the little kiddos this Saturday. I’m excited to see Mia zoom around look for eggs and candy. Ella is older than all her cousins from my side, so she’s probably going with Lance to one of his work friend’s houses for a hunt with some kids closer to her age. It’s going to be a fun day! I LOVE spending time with the family, and since Easter is such a beautiful and fun occasion, why not get the kids involved and create some fun traditions for them? I love Easter. It’s so beloved and important. Being a Christian is a beautiful thing to me. We have a book at our house that explains the true meaning of Easter to little children, how the eggs and bunnies, etc. are fun, but it’s truly all about God’s Son. I am beyond grateful to my parents for raising me in a home where Christ is the center. My personal relationship with the Savior is so precious; it’s the MOST important thing I can hope to instill in my own children. If I have given them the foundation to create this relationship for themselves, then I am a successful parent.