Thursday, April 9, 2009


Upon blog-hopping earlier, I ran across some pretty severe judgment in a rant, followed up by some bandwagon comments by friends. I am not going to go into any kind of detail, but I just wanted to say something about that.
It’s an opportunity for me to look inward. Who am I judging? Who have I given an unfair chance to? Okay, I’ve been harsh with Obama, and perhaps with “Nelly” from work, and others too. I truly, sincerely apologize. I have opinions and ‘takes’ on situations, which I’m sure I’ll continue to blog about. However, on a very raw note, after reading such a directly harsh judgment on this other blog, I feel this should be said: you just don’t know what kind of battle people are fighting. For what we perceive as potentially harmful, or abusive, ugly or dangerous, we need to consider the person behind the label we’re so quick to give. There are a million more facets to what makes a person than what we see and instantly judge.

Because I know this, it is my responsibility to make sure that the unlovable are loved, lest that judgment come down on me someday.

I’m SO grateful that the ONLY judge who matters is perfect, and exists where every aspect of me is taken into account before I’m seen as something other than what I deserve…

Our Milly-Hill-Billy

This little cutie-pie deserved some CUTE shots to be posted here. I'm still feeling a twinge of guilt from posting her post-haircut-trauma! :)

She was so smiley this day, saying "teeze" for the camera, I got a TON of cute pictures -HAD to share!