Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Late Valentine Weekend Post

The weekend was full of events. The first was the huge Monopoly game that Scott and Candace joined us for. This is the new electronic version with higher prices and debit cards. It was good times, but a good reminder to myself and to Candace that we don't really like Monopoly...

The winner, my hubby. He's such a twerp. He had the two big props -different names in this version (normally Boardwalk and Park Place) and I went out owing him $20 million in rent.
Here's Candace exploring the "this game is starting to BITE" idea...
Scott: the magical banker.
Kids had a great time!
Later, we went to the in-laws for some Valentine Cookie decorating! Mia enjoyed the candy!
How cute does Ella look here decorating the cookies? No, I didn't get a picture. We'd had a LOT o' Valentine cookies by then! :)
Here's my sweet Father-In-Law taking some home-movies of the fun times. He got a particularly funny clip of Aneesa (Ella and Mia's cousin) and all the missing teeth in her mouth!
* * *
Valentines Day is also a GREAT celebration of the little love in our lives, Benjamin -Mary & Allen's beebee. He's such a doll.
Here's my cute Ella gettin' ready for some Valentine family dinner love!Sarah and Rach: mid-Valentine family dinner love!
Here are Dave and Lex. Yes, I belive this picture was posed -a terriffic set-up to capture the delight of the moment. Look at the expression on Lexie's face?! She's demonstrating some of the anticipation of the delicious dinner as well as the excitement of watching Benny eat a cake! Dave is more artfully posing as "thirsty man: me want cup, not sippy".
Here's the proud Mommy! Excellent job on the birthday party, Mary. We had a GREAT time!