Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tonsils, Adenoids, and Ear Tubes, OH MY!

(Due to camera issues, I only have the pictures from Ella this afternoon post-surgery. We’d taken some at the hospital, but they’re stuck on my camera’s memory and my USB cord that should be the right cord magically doesn’t fit the camera anymore. Good times. At least we have the darned memory card!)So we learned about Ella's situation with her ears and tonsils at her well-child check-up for kindergarten about a month ago... Ella has always suffered with headaches, which may or may not be related, but she also suffers from debilitating dizzy spells, which can result in vomiting and ultimate extra sleep needed to get back to “normal”. Ella has been a pretty bad snorer over the last year or so and goes red very easily when she plays… It’s all related to her MASSIVE tonsils that she has. Bless her heart, she’s had ear issues as well, that go back to a very very young age. We had tubes put in her ears that we had thought eradicated the problem. She hadn’t had any ear infections that put her totally out like they did before the tubes, but her breathing problems is what stemmed the new questions. Ella doesn’t get enough oxygen. She has been suffering with this ear/throat issue for a long time without complaint.
Today she went under the knife. Lance, Mia, Ella, and I all headed to the hospital this morning at 7:15 AM for Ella’s surgery. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Apparently there was a lymphoid on the back of her throat that had to be removed as well. The doctor told us that her ears were a mess, and they drained a lot of guck and fluid out and put new tubes in her ears. We have lots o’ meds now, and a child on the mend!Ella seems to have quite the interesting reaction to her pain medication… She has been stir-crazy and bouncing off the walls since we got home. She was so sweet and confused after the anesthesia, but by the time we were home, miss gabby-gums was non-stop and itchy to get out and get back to the business of life. She drove me nuts.
This afternoon my mom came to visit -and diverted her attention a bit… Lance’s mom and sister came to visit as well -and brought a fun Leapster-pen dealio for her to play with. THANK YOU GUYS!! Everyone expected a lethargic and sad little love sleeping on the couch, but not my die-hard! Heaven help us this next few days -I am supposed to keep her away from other kids while her little body fights infections… She’s her own worst enemy in this case! I’ll keep y’all updated.